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Do you struggle to find the time to write your newsletters, blogs and other marketing materials? Or perhaps you find writing a chore. Whatever the reason, it's time to delegate!


Helping SMEs in Oxfordshire, Berkshire and elsewhere in the UK, Jenny will ensure your advertising and marketing content and communications is written to attract and engage your target audience.


The results are two-fold. She helps to attract new clients, and gives you back the time to do what you do best – successfully run your business.

What's not to love? 



What marketing types do you regularly have in your marketing strategies? With a vast range to choose from, both digital and traditional, you can be assured that my copywriting service will provide copy that: 

  • is written in the right style for the type;

  • keeps SEO in mind;

  • is grammatically correct;

  • uses your brand tone of voice;

  • captures and engages your target audience.


You may need regularly written content to keep your website updated, or to share in your social media channels. Typical marketing types that I will produce for you include: 

  • web content;

  • regular blogs; 

  • newsletters or eShots;

  • eBooks;

  • white papers;

  • case studies;

  • 'How To' manuals;

  • marketing literature;

  • ... and much more!



As well as copywriting, other services include:

  • editing documents for printing, publishing or sharing electronically;

  • proofreading to a pinpoint accurate degree, ensuring every comma, semi-colon and apostrophe are used correctly;

  • transcribe recordings from webinars, podcasts, etc., for those who need to read rather than listen.


In summary, I'll help to ensure that your marketing communications, materials and

digital content are professional, hard-hitting, targeted, engaging and – arguably most importantly – grammatically correct... Well, I am a grammar nerd!

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Copywriting and
content creation
Editing and proofreading



Writing is something that I've always loved, since I was very young. English Language was one of my favourite subjects at school, along with Art, Literature and Music.


My flexible writing style was regularly tried and tested when working in advertising and marketing agencies in Kent. Later, after a few years freelancing, I moved on to work in the corporate world where I continued to hone my writing skills in health, PR, and more recently HR environments.


Now, I'm freelancing again, which I love! The building of client relationships, feeling like a part of their team, and watching their businesses flourish. I can do that for you, too!

Living in Oxfordshire with my partner, I have two grown-up children, an eclectic taste in music, love cycling and travelling ... and hate bananas with a passion! 



Writing is something that I've loved since I was very young. From stories to real life issues, silliness and serious subjects, writing is a joy. At school, English Language was one of my favourite subjects, as were Literature, Art and Music.


My copywriting career started when working in advertising and marketing agencies in Kent. Then, when my children were little, I spent a few years as a freelance copywriter. Eventually, I moved into the corporate world where I continued to use my writing skills in health and fitness, PR and HR environments.


Finally, I'm back to providing a freelance copywriting service. Starting again in 2013, I love building client relationships and being a part of their marketing team. Why not let me become a part of your team, too?

Living in Oxfordshire with my partner, I have two grown-up children, an eclectic taste in music, love cycling and travelling ... and hate bananas with a passion! 


Words matter. Words are powerful.

Create the ripple effects your business needs.


“Simply put, Jen is a brilliant copywriter! She regularly writes newsletter content for some of my clients and right from the start, she picked up the style and tone of each client perfectly. She takes the time to get to know our clients and then produces copy that we hardly have to make any changes to. She gets the 'voice' of each client so that their contacts don't even realise that someone else has written the newsletter for them. This is a sign of a really great copywriter!”
Chantal Cornelius, Appletree Marketing


“Writing blogs for some of my clients as well as for me, Jen is quick to get to the core of what’s needed, adapting the tone of voice required for each client. She has never let me down in the year or so we’ve been working together.”
Sarah Fletcher, Mushroom Soufflé
“When I require proofreading for HR documentation, including confidential reports, I know that I can trust Jen implicitly. She returns them promptly, not only with spelling mistakes and punctuation rectified, but with suggested changes highlighted if needed.” 
Mandy Brearley, Independent HR Specialist, MB HR Support
“Writing numerous regular blog posts for me on different makers living and working around the UK, Jen did more than just write. She spent time interviewing each maker, ensuring they were happy at every stage of the process. Working on my behalf for the website (now closed), I was extremely grateful for her professionalism and reliability, and I had absolute trust and confidence in her dealing direct with my clients. Her writing is so good that the makers who we interviewed used the blog posts for their own publicity!” 
Yasmin Chopin, Interior Designer, 




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