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Copywriting - the easy way!

… get someone else to do it!

Are you the owner of an SME? Do you find that you’re swamped with all the tasks a business owner needs to do with little time for yourself? Especially as these days we’re all running around like headless chickens – meetings here, networking there, projects everywhere. As well as the need to keep our demanding, yet lovely, customers satisfied!

Sometimes we need to find ways to get things done quickly and make life easier.

Don’t get me wrong – I don’t condone doing things in a hurry. Oh no! That only leads to problems, errors, and possibly even the loss of important clients. Things still need to be done thoroughly and professionally. Instead, look for the ways in which the process can be done more smoothly. That could mean cutting out non-essential aspects of a tedious process. But for those essential tasks – such as accountancy, HR and marketing – the answer is to outsource.

Making things easier

Being a self-employed sole trader, I need to make my life easier, too. So I have a cleaner to do the majority of the housework, and we have a gardener who does the heavy, regular work. Plus, I need time to exercise! As well as walking and yoga, I love cycling. But that always takes more time, and used to end up with me feeling exhausted. Yes, I know that it takes time to build up strength and stamina, but it was more the aches and pains that got to me, especially in my knees and other joints. I’m a woman of a certain age, you know!

My other half loves cycling, too. Being a full-time wheelchair user, Russ uses a hand-cycle (he’s paralysed from the chest down, ironically from a mountain biking accident in Wales!). This year he really upped his game and even cycled London to Paris for Back Up, a spinal cord injury charity. You can read about Russ’ L2P experience here.

In his quest to get faster and fitter to keep up with the younger, fitter able-bodied riders, he invested in a battery to assist his bike to get up the hills more easily, and to reduce shoulder strain. This meant that, when we cycled together, I struggled to keep up with him on my old bike. It was getting to the point where it was no longer fun. Wanting me to be happy, Russ invested in an e-bike for me! I’m very lucky… It’s a Cube Hybrid, and it’s changed my cycling forever! I adore it. It has a Bosch battery with a capacity for almost 100 miles, or 6-8 hours of cycling, depending on terrain, how I ride the bike, tyres, and so on. E-bikes – or pedelecs as they’re also known – have their motors capped at 15.5 mph to comply with UK law, but you can go faster if you use your own peddle power. I have!

It may seem like cheating to some. And at first it did to me, especially when Russ and I join an organised cycle event. Russ is always forgiven, but I’m given severe stares by seriously Lycra-clad cyclists … more so when I whizz past them going uphill! I’m learning to ignore them, especially since reading this article that explains how a Norwegian study found that e-bikers exert almost as much effort as regular cyclists when going around the same track. The only difference is that e-bikers tend to be around 20 per cent faster!

For us, the important thing is that it’s more fun. And easier. Especially going up hills! Resulting in us cycling as often as we can. We even took the bikes to France on our holiday!

Russ and Jen cycling
Russ and Jen somewhere between Wallingford and Goring, Oxfordshire

Freeing up time

I’ve found ways to free up my time to do the things I want to do more of – cycling, spending time with friends and family, and keeping my clients happy. How can you free up more of your precious time?

Marketing your business is essential, of course. But it can be very time-consuming, especially when it comes to writing your marketing literature, regularly updating your web content, and writing regular blogs and newsletters to keep your customers or clients engaged.

That writing malarkey can be a real time-suck! Even more so when you’re not a keen writer, or just don’t have the time.

What’s the answer? Outsource it! Find a copywriter you trust and connect with, because that connection is important too. Most good copywriters will get to know your business almost as well as you do, easily absorbing all your product information to write about it in an engaging, professional manner. Plus, we understand the best ways to capture your audience’s attention, and we know how to use those annoyingly necessary SEO keywords that help your digital content get noticed.

Priding myself on becoming my clients’ personal VIC – Virtual In-house Copywriter – I will help free up your time for you to focus on making your business successful, or do activities that you enjoy. Sound tempting? Then don’t hesitate to get in touch. Quickly now! Spit spot! Let’s not waste time! 😉

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