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Why email marketing should remain in your marketing plan

Believe it or not, according to statistics – and despite there being over 27 million pieces of content shared on the web every day – we still prefer email communication over most other forms of communication. That's a good thing, because apparently it’s also one of the most effective forms of content marketing.

Which means that your e-shots, written well, could generate good conversion rates.

E-shots, or email newsletter campaigns, can reap great rewards if done well. The crucial thing to always remember in email marketing is the subject. That is what hooks people in. Get your subject right and your prospective customers should at least open the email. This is where you need to get creative! A fun, quirky or bold subject is more likely to get your newsletter opened and read than a drab, boring subject like: Here’s our latest newsletter. This may help you find some inspiration.

Being email subjects, you don’t need key words in the title for SEO purposes, which means you can get far more creative with your headings!

Personalised emails help improve the click-through rate by an average of 14%, and conversions by 10%, according to this informative report. So configure your database to use your customers’ names.

Keep content short!

Newsletters often have links to different stories and information, but try to keep it to one main theme to help focus the reader on what you want them to do. In other words, you just want one main CTA (call to action), which is most likely getting your reader to click through to your website or blog. It’s better to send frequent shorter newsletters than fewer long, rambling ones! In my opinion, it's best not to send more than one a week or people may get fed up and unsubscribe.

Keeping the content short, to the point, and surrounded by plenty of space helps to prevent the newsletter from looking cluttered. It's also much easier to read that way, especially on mobile devices. Use humour in your content if appropriate. After all, you want to entertain your customers, put a smile on their faces and help them to remember you!

The ideal balance of your newsletter content should be 90% educational/informative and 10% promotional. Too much self-promotion risks losing your audience!

Include a picture or graphic.

It’s good (but not essential) to add a bit of colour and interest with an image, but because you don’t know whether your readers have images enabled in their email programmes it helps to have some Alt Text added, especially if your CTA is an image! For help in doing this, read here.

In summary:

  • Have a bold, quirky subject to help ensure a high ‘open’ rate

  • Personalise them for improved click-through rate

  • Keep the content short, sticking to one main theme if possible

  • Make sure the design is clean, clear and has plenty of white space

  • Ideally, stick to one CTA

  • Use 'Alt Text' on your images

  • Finish with a punchy PS reiterating why your reader needs to contact you

  • Have an obvious ‘Unsubscribe’ button

So that’s it! Go get writing! But if all this seems too hard, you know where to come. Drop me an email … because it seems that is our favourite form of communication, apparently!

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