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Case Studies Writing Service

Evidence of Your Expertise

Case studies are ideal for showcasing your products or service. They are a valuable addition to your marketing strategy, being proof that your products or service effectively solve issues or enhance people's lives.

My copywriting service includes writing case studies that explain how you helped your customers in an engaging and interesting way. This helps to attract more of your ideal customers to you.

How? Because sharing your clients' problems (with their permission) in a case study helps others to relate to their challenges. The narrative will describe how you solved your client's problem or improved their life, clearly illustrating that your business can help others in similar situations.


People will recognise themselves or their situation within the case study and realise that you can help them. With a compelling CTA (Call to Action) at the end, enquiries about how you can help others should increase.

Telling the story


Usually written in a narrative style, case studies benefit from having client quotes woven throughout. Your clients' opinions, written in their own words, help to increase the reader's trust and confidence in your business.


Once written, case studies can be published and shared as much as you like. You can publish them in a variety of different ways — news items on your website, in newsletters, on your social media platforms, and anywhere else that works.


Short-form case studies are ideal for digital content marketing purposes; they’re more accessible and tend to get good engagement. Longer case studies can take the form of a white paper, allowing you to drill down into more detail and provide more evidence of your expertise.

Interviewing your clients

For the best results, have a conversation with your clients to get their words down on how you helped them, what their issue was, and why they approached you. I have a list of typical questions you could adapt and ask when you interview them. 


Or, if you're short on time, I would be delighted to speak to your clients on your behalf. That way, I can get all the information we need to develop an effective case study.


Make a list of all the customers you've helped out of a tight spot. The more interesting or challenging the job, the better the case study will be. Then get in touch with me so that I can get on with writing your customer-winning case studies!


Let's get cracking on creating strong case studies to attract more of your ideal clients!


Email me at jen@jenny or make a date for a Zoom call here.

The typical case study structure:


  1. Introduction: First, we need a brief introduction to your customer or client. If they also run a business, you could include a link to their website, which is both good for them and helps with your website's SEO.

  2. Summary: Then I'll write a summary of their story.

  3. Their problem: Next, we'll describe the challenges and objectives they had, going into more detail about your client’s pain points and what prevented them from achieving their objective.

  4. Your solution: The next section explains how your product or service helped them, detailing what the solution was.

  5. Result: This is where we share the results of how much easier their lives are thanks to you. Ideally, we could include some of your customer's data to help quantify what your product does and how it helped.

  6. Quotes: I'll include a few client quotes throughout your case study taken from our interview. You don't have to quote them verbatim, but as close as possible is best.

  7. Call to Action: Finally, we'll include a brief CTA at the end.

  8. Approval: Naturally, we'll need to ask your client to approve the case study before publishing, allowing them a chance to make any amendments.

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