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'Build a Following' Content Package

Are you a business or lifestyle coach, HR consultant, or in some other people-centric business? If so, we may be particularly well matched as you are my niche clients.


Whatever industry you're in, the Build a Following content package will do exactly what it says on the tin – build a following that is full of your ideal customers. Your content will tell your followers and customers how your services or products can help them. Your content will explain how you solve their problems and make their lives easier, better or happier. 

Build a Following Content Package

with a SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY RATE of £950 a month for your first three months


"But Jen, how do you build a following to attract new customers?" I hear you ask.


By regularly showing up online, sharing valuable information, answering questions, and showing how you solve people's problems. That way, you’re also attracting your target audience.


How do I share my valuable information?

With a mix of newsletters, blogs, and social media posts


The Build a Following content package is an ideal addition to your marketing strategy. It will create more recognition for your brand and help you become known as an industry expert. Plus, it’s a really cost-effective way to gain new followers and turn them into paying customers.


Here’s what you get for just £950 a month:


  • Setting up fee included. We'll discuss your business and current marketing strategy. Then I'll create a six-month or yearly content schedule that we can share, ideally with topics included.

  • Regular discussions on each month's topics, either by video call or phone. You can also email me any relevant information. 

  • I will then produce:

    • 2 x monthly blogs (600-800 words) 

    • Monthly newsletter (600-1,000 words)

    • 2 x weekly LinkedIn posts   

  • By the end of the three months, you should see your content begin to gain traction. Remember, it takes time to see results, often at least six months. Persistency and patience are key for all your marketing efforts.

  • The full cost of £1,450 per month will kick in on month 4. 

Want to find out more? Let's talk about how this can work for your business. And if you want more blogs or more frequent newsletters, we'll figure out the ideal package for you. Hit the button below to arrange a call!





Remember – it can take at least six months of regular activity to see results.

T&Cs apply. Please ask for a copy!

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