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What on Earth is a Content Conversion Funnel?

A brown bowl on a bamboo mat filled with tofu and vegetables.
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As a business owner, you want to attract your ideal customers. So, you need content. Lots of it. And that's why you need to consider your content conversion funnel.


“But Jen, what on earth is a conversion funnel?”


It’s a content hierarchy that helps you create targeted content for where in the awareness/buying journey your potential customers are.


For instance, at the Top of the Funnel (TOFU I’ve grown to like that stuff as long as it’s slavered with lots of flavourings. Oh, wait! We’re talking about marketing, not food. As you were…)


Ahem. So, your TOFU needs content that attracts your target audience, those strangers who could become clients and even friends. Those people who are looking for solutions but haven’t found you yet.


So, to attract their attention, your content needs to be compelling and eye-catching, immediately addressing the issues you solve. Explain how you do that and try to get the pertinent point in your heading.


Write about your customer's pain points as if you were writing to a friend, helping them, advising them, steering them towards your expert help.


Once written, share your blogs and posts wherever your ideal customers hang out. Do some research to get your targeting right, otherwise you risk being a small fishing boat out in the wide, endless ocean, getting nothing, drifting further from shore. And you don’t want to end up like Pi in ‘Life of Pi,’ being stuck on a boat for weeks … with a Bengal tiger!


Oops. I’ve gone on one of my tangents! Let’s sail the topic back to shore.




Your TOFU content is things like blogs and social media posts, podcasts and videos, and infographics. So, utilising both long- and short-form content.


All these content types help you to regularly and consistently share how you solve problems or enhance people’s busy lives. In turn, you eventually become known and recognised as an expert in your field.


MOFU – Middle of the Funnel – is where your prospective customers engage more with your content and sign up to your marketing activities, such as newsletters and courses. Now, you can build and nurture a relationship through more educational content, such as email newsletters, courses, webinars, eBooks, case studies and other longer-form content.


I need to practise what I preach and create a course or a webinar… If you’d find something like this helpful, do let me know.


Finally, BOFU – Bottom of the Funnel – is where your prospects are most likely to make a decision and convert into paying customers. This is where personalised email nurturing happens. Send out case studies, blogs, white papers, testimonials, and pricing plans, and then get those nurturing emails that remind people of what they're missing out on, or how you can make their lives easier, sent regularly.


At this point in the customer journey, personalisation is key. Ensure their name is spelled correctly. And be ready with some powerful CTAs (Call to Action) to help them make that final decision to buy.


Don’t have time for all this hierarchy content funnel business? Then you know who to call! I’d be delighted to help.


Let’s set up a discovery call:




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