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An Orchestra of Angelic Content ... to get your marketing message right

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

White woman's right hand, with blue sapphire and diamond ring, holding a bow to a blurred out cello.
Spotlighting Your Unique Content. Photo by Jesson Mata, Unsplash

With apologies to Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart of the Eurythmics, but I couldn’t resist the title.

My sisters and I regularly take our father to see the London Philharmonic Orchestra at the Congress Theatre in Eastbourne. Our last visit’s repertoire included Mendelssohn’s Violin Concerto, with the amazingly talented Chloë Hanslip as lead violinist.

Hanslip’s playing is breathtakingly brilliant. Watching her fingers fly up and down the strings as her bow moved like a tree branch battered by strong winds, we were mesmerised by her performance. She impressed everyone, even Dad, and he’s hard to please!

We were seated further back and more central than usual, which provided a wider, higher view of the whole stage. It was amazing how the violinists seemingly moved as one. The louder, more stirring parts created greater arm and bow movements; half close your eyes and their rhythmic undulations could almost have been the swell of the sea.

Meme showing a cartoon turtle with a blue and purple background. Text says: Percussionists about to hit their only note after a 154,537 bar rest. My time has come

The percussion section was more visible from that vantage point, and I particularly enjoyed watching the timpanist. I'm always amazed at how they spend ages apparently doing nothing and then suddenly they're in, drumming in perfect sync with the rest of the orchestra!

But they're never 'doing nothing'. Oh no. They're counting time in their heads, reading the score, ready to come in again 10 minutes later. What amazing concentration and timing timpanists have!

But what has all this musicality got to do with copywriting?

Good question. And the answer is ‘everything’.

Watching the LPO perform that afternoon, it struck me that an orchestra is just like marketing. An orchestra plays to its audience, just as a ready-made library of content is there to perform to your audience. The key (C Major?!) is in ensuring that your copy and content is written and performed to perfection.

Having said that, an orchestra must be perfect. But we can be forgiven the occasional human error in our content! Nonetheless, it pays to be as near perfect as possible.

  • Compose your content so that it plays the right melodies and refrains to attract your audience, allowing them to hear and take notice. In other words, write content that sings to their pain points and solve their problems

  • When all your different sections (content elements) are perfectly in tune and conducted to perform well together, your target audience will sit up and listen. That way, they’ll clearly hear what you can do for them and how you can help

  • Your orchestra's music (content library) can be used over and over again, helping you to sing like an angel and keep attracting new audiences (customers). Your refrains and repetitions are what sticks in their minds, like a catchy TV or radio ad, reminding them of you when they’re in need

  • A well-orchestrated marketing campaign, that's attuned to what your customers need and perfectly timed, gains results. Just as the professionalism of the LPO has gained a worldwide following

Orchestrating your musical marketing content

As a business owner, no doubt you’ve already defined your ideal marketing channels and what media elements you need – websites, blogs and newsletters, videos and podcasts, sales leaflets, eBooks, infographics... There’s so much to choose from!

Now, let’s get your music (messaging) right. What do you need to say? How will you make your prospective customers recognise that you can help them through your different compositions? How will you share that you understand their problems and know exactly how to solve them?

Perhaps you have a sparkling new product – jewellery, skincare, a new kitchen implement or time-saving software – that they don’t know they need in their lives. How do you convince them?

This is where I will help (have a read of this blog). This is the part where I come in, crashing on my cymbals to get everyone’s attention (that’ll wake everyone up!), creating the right content for the element.

Tell me everything about your product or service. Then I’ll find some creative ways to attract people’s attention on the platforms where your customers usually hide, as well as on your website and in your newsletters.

When we know what we need to say, we can compose and orchestrate music (write the content) that makes your audience sit up and listen. Music that engages, enchants and entertains, leaving your customers wanting more. That way, they'll keep returning to you again and again. Just as I’ll be back to see the LPO again very soon with my ol’ Dad!

So, when you need help building your orchestra (library) of content and refreshing your messaging, do get in touch. I would love to crash in on my cymbals and be an integrally noisy part of your successful orchestra!


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