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Does your content hit the right note?

Or does your tone of voice need a bit of fine-tuning?

Finding your tone of voice should be easy. After all, it’s your company, they’re your products – you know it better than anyone! But how can you tell if you’re hitting the right note? Or whether your content or marketing copy is reaching your target audience?

Who are you trying to hit?

No, I don’t mean a slap with a wet fish! I mean, who are your blogs meant to hit, who is your target audience?

If you’re trying to attract the corporate market, you may need to find a more ‘business-like’ style of writing. That doesn’t mean you can’t sound friendly and authentic within your content and even use a bit of humour, but you may need to have more of an authoritative tone.

On the other hand, if your products are used by consumers – the general public, being a number of different demographic types – you can afford to be a bit more daring with your writing style to attract their attention. You can create a more vivacious and colourful tone of voice!

Whatever tone you need to aim for, go for it. See what fun you can have writing more creatively. Just don’t forget those darned keywords! Your blogs and web content won’t get far without them, I’m afraid.

Your voice is part of your brand

As I’m sure you know, your organisation’s brand is recognisable not only by its logo, but also by your marketing strategy, the company ethos, and the whole customer experience. Your brand also includes the tone of voice used in all your marketing content.

Once you’ve found the right tone of voice for your organisation, keep it! Hone it. Polish it until it gleams! Don’t lose it.

You may find you have one person in your marketing team who has the ideal tone and writing expertise, so use that person for all your marketing communications.

Having trouble finding the right tone?

Chances are high, especially if you’re part of an SME, that you just don’t have the time to find your voice and write all the marketing content and material your organisation needs. So, what’s the answer? Simple – outsource it! Take that pressure off yourself.

One of the innate skills of a good copywriter is to quickly get immersed in and knowledgeable about new products. We get to know your company, its ethos and people, and your target audience. And we help you find that elusive tone of voice.

Let us actors … I mean, copywriters … help you find your voice!

You could say that to be a good copywriter you also need to be like an actor, immersing yourself into your new character. Or rather, your business. We help you to find your ideal brand character. And we write your scripts [content] as pitch-perfectly as a piano tuner tunes a Steinway!

So, if you would like me to act for you – act as your very own in-house copywriter – please get in touch today. Drop me an email or make a date for a chat here.

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