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Web Content that Converts

Writing engaging, compelling content

Want to attract more of your ideal customers to your website? Then grab their attention with eye-catching and compelling headlines. And how about some punchy and engaging keyword-rich content that search engines will find?


All (well, most) businesses need a website. A well-designed and written website that's regularly updated is arguably the most important element of your digital marketing activities. Particularly if it stores most of your marketing information, from product and event information to blogs, news, special offers, and lots more.


Consider your website as your virtual shop front; literally, if you have tangible products to sell online. It's where you signpost your prospective customers, enticing them to your website from your social media channels, newsletters, and other marketing activities.

When you work with me, I'll ensure that:

  • I understand the core purpose of your website to ensure I write with clarity;

  • your web content resonates with your target audience. Pulling on emotions helps to influence purchasing decisions, so your prospects will take action;

  • your content is SEO (Search Engine Optimised) rich to help attract your customers, weaving your primary and secondary keywords and phrases naturally throughout;

  • your attention-grabbing copy captures the essence of your brand, using your tone of voice;

  • and it has compelling and powerful CTAs (Calls to Action) on every page.


Your website also needs to offer a smooth, easy-to-navigate user experience (UX). That's when professional help from a web developer and a web content writer will really help. 

Don't have a design team? No problem. I work with web designers, graphic designers, and photographers, so I can help find the dream team for you.

Let's work together to make sure your website stands head and shoulders above the competition!


Email me at jen@jenny or make a date for a Zoom call here.

My blog 'How to Write Web Content that Converts' explains in more detail the key components needed for your web content. Such as H1 headlines, keywords, content length, tone of voice, and that all-essential CTA — Call to Action.

If you'd like an idea of costs and timings before we speak, then download my copywriting brief by clicking the red button below. Complete it, send it back to me, and I'll be in touch within three working days. 

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