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Working Together – Values

Do we have the right chemistry? Can we work together? Let's see...

We need to know that we can work well together. So let's discover if we're a fit. Are my values in alignment with yours? Can we make this work? If so, as your virtual in-house copywriter, we'll successfully attract and retain your ideal customers!

Honest and Open

Honesty is as important to me in life as it is at work. I’m always honest and open (some people may say too open!), and I expect the same from the people I work with, whether clients or partners.


For instance, when I give you a project completion date, I’ll get it done by then. And on the rare occasions that I overrun, I’ll let you know as early as possible and complete it a day or so later.


For your marketing to work, we need to be consistent and regular. If you love having a schedule and sticking to it, that’s great! This will work. But if you don’t want me pestering you for our next content call, we may struggle. Luckily, most of my clients enjoy receiving my friendly reminders!   

Genuine Loyalty

What you see is what you get with me. I don't put on airs and graces (despite what my children think when I answer the phone!). So, please relax and just be yourself when we work together.

I'm loyal. Ask any of my current or previous clients and employers! When I work with you, I consider myself a member of your team, helping your business to achieve its goals. 


You'll find my work is genuinely mine, too. It's all written by me, not anyone else. Not even AI! When I research information to use in your projects, it is always freshly written to match your tone of voice. Always!

Realistically Fun

I like to laugh; it's therapeutic. Silly things amuse me. We need to seek out the lighter side of life, especially when things feel hard. Smiling is contagious, so let's help everyone around us find something to smile about.


When you work with me, we can be perfectly serious about getting the work done, but let’s have fun while we do it!


I have always lived my life as freely as possible – personally, creatively, and in my work. And yet, it's important to focus on and work within the constraints of a brief. Sometimes, we may need to be flexible and adaptable to make sure we achieve your project objective. That's where freedom comes in – the freedom to be flexible!


Plus, it’s important to have free time, so let’s encourage each other to take time out when needed. I don’t work Fridays and rarely check emails over weekends or when I’m away. And I encourage you to do the same!

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