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Video marketing – the star of your marketing strategy

Apparently, our memories are getting worse. Or rather, because we’re inundated daily – nay, hourly, or even by the minute! – with blatant and latent sales emails, and our social media channels seem to be constantly screaming at us, we just can’t keep up with all that information.  Well, that’s how I justify my failing memory!

But it seems that we remember far more of the ‘message’ when we see it visually, rather than having to read. And the statistics seem to back this news up.

That makes me sad. Why? Because I’m a writer, dammit! *sigh* And yet, I agree! We should all have videos in our marketing strategies. Especially on our websites, but also in our social media channels and blogs (or vlogs).

Benefits of using video marketing:

  • A video on a landing page increases its conversion rate by 80%!

  • Rich media (video) is readily picked up by search engine algorithms, improving your SEO

  • Google search results always feature videos amongst the top results

  • Videos are far more likely to be shared than other content forms

I really like the infographic in this Hubspot article; it confirms how powerful video is when communicating your brand story and building relationships. Some good statistics in there, too, even if they are from the US rather than the UK. But I bet our statistics are similar.

Telling your story

Whatever your story, it’s important to ensure that you use a professional video producer; there’s nothing worse than seeing an obviously home-made video on a business website. Unless it’s being done for comedic or entertaining purposes, of course. And its success or failure would then depend on the nature of your business.

Having said that, creating regular videos for social media purposes can be done yourself on your phone, especially as many phones these days have excellent cameras. After all, not many of us can afford to use professional video makers for every day purposes! Do me a huge favour, though. Don't get all VVS - vertical video syndrome - on me! Give your phone a quick 45° turn to put it into landscape to fill the screen with more of you!

Videos can be used for many purposes. For instance, as an introduction to your company. Or spotlighting certain staff members. And they're ideal for making informative, educational videos on your products or services.

A pro film-maker will get the lighting just right, unlike a home-made one from your phone. The sound will be crisp, and it will have a far more professional appearance. To impress your customers and keep them wanting more, find a film maker who understands businesses, who can help to tell your brand story, and advise on the production throughout. As I’m based in Oxfordshire, I can highly recommend Warpline Films and Rodeax.

Scripting it

Obviously, it makes it easier to remember what you need to say by having a script. It's worth scribbling one down even for your daily or weekly social media videos that you create yourself from your phone. Do a few practice ones first to make sure you're happy with it before posting. Scripts are a necessity for videos that will be used on your website, in presentations or at a conference to make sure that what you're saying makes sense, isn't garbled, and gets all the important points – and jokes, if appropriate – in at the right times. Timing is everything!

Need a hand with your script-writing? Get in touch with me by either emailing me, or calling 07799 648321. Let's get that film rolling!

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Unknown member
May 04, 2021

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