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Why a professional copywriter will help boost your business

Copywriters are important for every business. Yes, okay, I would say that being a copywriter! But you cannot get away from the fact that we are necessary. We help to promote your business and brand, increase awareness, and get customers engaged, ultimately helping to increase its profitability.

I'm frequently surprised at how many SMEs don’t appreciate the importance of having a professional copywriter on their marketing team, which should include designers and copywriters as well as marketing managers. Between us, we’ll come up with winning concepts, great designs, clever headlines and catchy straplines, helping to build your brand.

A good copywriter understands the mechanics and focus required to build your brand. We understand how to write for your target audience.

Through our writing skills, a copywriter helps your brand become recognisable. A good copywriter adapts to your corporate style, or helps you to find a new tone of voice, creating powerful copy for your marketing material and web content. Copy that keeps the reader engaged, that the layman will understand, and ultimately that promotes action.

Good, clear copy + short and precise = customer action … SALES!

Another important reason why a copywriter is good for your business is because we have a natural ability to quickly understand your products, helping us to write about them effectively. 

Whether read on your website or social media platforms, heard on the radio or TV, or printed as your marketing literature, the words matter. Your prospective customers need to understand what you’re selling. Equally importantly, they have to understand why they need what you’re selling. A copywriter will help them to get why they must have your product or service.

How do we do that? By telling stories and engendering trust.

Telling the story

Consumers these days are not only savvy but also increasingly sceptic. In recent years, particularly with the rapid growth of digital marketing, it’s become blatantly noticeable that consumers don’t want to read ‘Me, me, me’ content. In other words, companies shouting about how wonderfully clever their products are. Consumers need more than that. They want to know how your products will help them. How they can improve their lives. Why they should choose you over your competitors. They need an engaging story. Something that captures their interest from the first words.

Your customers want to be entertained and informed. They need to trust and believe in your brand before they hand over their hard-earned money.

How do you get customers to trust you?

Easy! Tell them the truth. Be honest, authentic, and entertaining. Explain why your brand is the one they need. Recount success stories of previous customers' use of your products. Case studies are proving to be increasingly effective marketing tools.

A good copywriter on your team will help. Whether through writing web content, blogs, case studies or marketing literature, we impart the essence of your authentic selves through all these mediums and more, helping to increase your profits and success.

Want to know more about how I can help your business and free your time up for doing what you do best? Then get in touch today! 

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