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A-Z of Copywriting – R is for Repurposing and ROI

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Arguably the most important out of Repurposing and ROI is the latter. After all, you need to know that you’re getting a good Return on Investment for your copywriting and marketing.

We all know that marketing in business is just as important as sales. More so because sales don’t just magically happen without marketing. If only! The challenge comes in understanding how well your investment is doing. That’s where measuring your marketing campaigns is essential.

I don’t profess to be an expert in calculating marketing ROI, but here is a simple formula as offered by that font of all information, Hubspot: [((number of leads x lead-to-customer rate x average sales price) - cost or ad spend) ÷ cost or ad spend] x 100. It’s actually a little easier than it sounds!

For the fun of it, here are three other ‘R’ copywriting words:

  • Research – very necessary when you need to write about a specific topic. Even though you know your product inside out, you may need to research certain other aspects that relate to why people should want to buy it. Then find one particular pain point and focus on that.

  • Relevant – try to keep your copywriting relevant to your audience or topic. Veer off the subject too much and you risk losing your audience. Copy that’s short and to the point is generally more compelling.

  • Reading – linked to ‘research’, I often find I spend more time reading about the subject matter I’m writing about than actually writing. As I read, I take notes, strip out or highlight certain points, figure out how relevant (there’s that word again!) it is for my client’s needs, and whether it’ll add any value to what I’m writing.

And now to the primary purpose of this blog:

Free up your Time by Repurposing your Content

Do you worry that you don’t post enough on your social media channels? You're not alone. Especially when you see how some businesses are forever posting on LinkedIn and elsewhere. There's a good reason for that: they've built up their marketing library and they’re repurposing their evergreen content.

"What is evergreen content?" I hear you ask. It’s your long-form content like newsletters, articles, white papers and case studies. Even blogs, depending on their length (and that’s a whole other subject that I touch on here).

Once you’ve spent time creating your vast marketing library of long-form content (it doesn't need to take too long), you’ve got virtually a lifetime’s worth of information to share. This wonderfully rich resource allows you to dip into it at strategic times to post relevant information to your followers.

Set up regular reminders to cast your eye over your articles and product information to ensure they're still valid. But in the main, you could load virtually the whole shebang into your social media scheduling tool, or give your SM Manager access to it, and voila! Everything you’ve ever written will be regularly shared with minimum effort from you.

Simply select a few paragraphs from your evergreen content on something specific within the larger topic, finish off with a call to action, and link to the long-form article on your website for more information. Or ask them to contact you. Whatever CTA works best for you at that time.

For me, seeing your neatly documented and indexed library of marketing information is one of the most powerful and rewarding aspects of copy and content writing. That’s almost as exciting to me as walking into a bookshop to browse the latest new fiction releases!

Don’t have the time to create your own evergreen marketing library? Then I’m here to help. Do get in touch to discuss what you need over a cuppa – email


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