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How to write good marketing content

There’s a plethora of content types that you can write to promote your business, both traditional and digital. From printed brochures and leaflets, to blogs, e-shots, case studies, how-to guides and, of course, the essential web content. These and more should be in your content marketing strategy.

Why do I need content marketing?

Quite simply, because you need to attract and retain your target audience! You need to provide useful and relevant content to your customers to help, entertain and inform them. Not so much the hard sale product pitch that we used to do.

Content marketing done well helps to generate leads, increases brand awareness, and engages an online community of loyal customers who should ultimately increase your profits.

Okay, got that. So how do I write it, then?

If you enjoy writing and have the time to give content writing a go, then here are ten tips to help you.

1.  First, get comfortable in a quiet place with minimum interruptions. Turn off your phone and don't look at your emails. Some gentle music in the background may help – for me, I can't listen to anything with lyrics as they can be too distracting! I tend to opt for either classical or chill-out/new age music.

2. Always write from the perspective of your target audience, your prospective customer. Use the 4W+H approach: What, Where, When, Why and How? Write from the heart. Be true to your business values. Be true to your product and your staff. That way, you’re being authentic.

3. Authenticity and honesty in content writing is crucial – be honest about your products or services. Avoid words and phrases like: 'the best', 'unique' and 'the only', unless you’re 100% sure that it really is.

4.  Keep it short! Or as short as possible without losing any crucial benefits. Remember that people are busy – they don’t have time to read lots of words (which is why photos, illustrations, graphics and videos are an important aspect of content marketing). They just want the facts as quickly as possible.

5.  Your headline is crucial. This is how you grab their attention! Ensure keywords are used here for SEO purposes. I've written more about this in a separate post here.

6.  The first paragraph needs to keep your audience hooked, or you may well lose ‘em! Get the main benefits of your product into the first couple of paragraphs. Doing that should get most of your SEO keywords and phrases in place quite naturally.

7.  Links can be helpful in online marketing content, as long as they are to reputable sites. Blogs particularly benefit from links – you could list them as reference sources at the end to help with credibility. Do bear in mind that although Wikipedia is a great source of information, not all of it has been verified. So ideally only use verified, trusted sources for your links.

8.  Something that all marketing content needs is a CTA – Call To Action. What action do you want people to take? Go to your shop? Then give clear address details and provide a map. Visit your website for further information? Then put your website link there. Or if you want people to get in touch, make sure your contact details are clearly stated.

9.  Finally, you’ve finished writing at last and you’ve got your keywords and phrases scattered naturally within the content. But you’ve not finished the work yet, I’m afraid! Now read through it and cut, rewrite, and cut again! This helps to ensure that your content is clear, punchy and focussed, and not full of extraneous fluffy wording that may sound very clever, but your readers probably don’t have the time or inclination to read it. They are far more likely to read to the end if it’s short and snappy.

So, cut to the chase and cut out the fluff!

10.  Once you’ve done all the above, leave it! Don’t publish it yet. Leave it for a day, or at least a few hours. Then read through it again and cut some more if you can, checking for mistakes and typos that are easily missed first time around. Or get someone else to proofread it for you.

NOW you can publish it!

I hope that this helps you to create some great marketing content. But if you’re too busy doing what you do best – running your business – then use a professional copywriter. That’s what we’re here for!

Drop me an email or give me a call on +7799 648321.

Happy content writing!

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